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The following links are in English

  • Alto Trombone Home Page
    This site has information about the Alto Trombone, including fingering charts for the Eb and F alto.

  • Anths Trombone Page
    This site has Trombone Bulletin Board, Related Links, Trombone Ensembles, Sheet Music, and more.

  • Brass Instruments
    The brass section of the orchestra is made up of the French horn, the tuba, the trumpet or cornet, the tenor horn, and the trombone. The brass section of the orchestra gives it its bright and majestic sound. But it can also give a mysterious sound when it plays quietly.

  • French Horn
    This site has History of the Instrument, Range of the French Horn, and Music for the French Horn.

  • Historic Brass Society
    The Historic Brass Society is an international music organization concerned with the entire range of early brass music, from Ancient Antiquity and the Biblical period through to the 20th century. The history, music, literature and performance practice of early brass instruments such as natural trumpet, natural horn, early trombone, cornetto, serpent, keyed bugle, keyed trumpet, early valve horn, 19th century brass instruments are some of the main issues of concern to the HBS.

  • History of the Trombone
    A document covering the history of the trombone, primarily the slide trombone, from medieval to present times.

  • Online Trombone Journal
    The OTJ is dedicated to the advancement of the trombone, its literature, and pedagogy by using the technologies of the Internet to share thoughts, ideas, information, and philosophies pertaining to the same.

  • The Brass
    This site has a little info about the french horn, trumpet, trombone, and tuba. Includes sound clips and pictures.

  • The F Bass Trombone Page
    Nicholas Eastop's page contains information about the sadly neglected F bass trombone, an instrument ousted by the hybrid, large bore Bb instruments refered to today as bass trombones.

    Discover horn history, play Horn Trivia, consult the Horn Player's Study Guide, cruise the web, or ask Miss Karen for horn advice! All about the French Horn.

  • The Trombone Home Page
    This site has links to all sorts of information about the Trombone, including Ensembles, Equipment Specifications, and Trombone Bibliography.

  • The Trombone Shrine
    This site has has technical information about the Trombone along with a list of Recordings, and more.

  • Trumpet Soundfiles
    Hear different music clips of the trumpet.

  • Tuba
    This site has History of the Tuba, Range of the Tuba, and Music for the Tuba, including music clip.

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