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The following links are in English

  • An Introduction to Violone Playing
    This introduction to Violone playing is written to give some sort of guidance to the modern bass player who wishes to adapt his skills to period instrument performing practice.

  • Chord House
    Erik van der Neut's site with fingering charts for guitar chords.

  • Classical Guitar Illustrated History
    It is believed that the history of the guitar began in the ancient Near East. This site traces that history of up to the present.

  • Common Ground : Irish Bouzouki
    The bouzouki is a stringed instrument first introduced from Greece into Ireland in the Sixties, a time when Irish traditional music was undergoing great experimentation.

  • Common Ground - Irish Harp
    Associated with Ireland as far back as the twelfth century, the Irish harp has long been a national symbol.

  • Common Ground : Ukulele
    This small four-stringed guitar originated in Portugal, and was brought to Hawaii by settlers from Madeira.

  • Fender Guitar
    The official web site of Fender Guitars.

  • Guitar Foundation of America
    The Guitar Foundation of America web site has information and links to Classical Guitar Calendar, Guitars and Guitar Builders, Guitar Education, and much more.

  • History of Bouzouki
    Information about the 8 string Bouzouki, and it's history.

  • History of the Double Bass
    Rodney Slatford's article, reproduced from The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

  • Jerry Fuller's Double Bass and Violone Home Page
    Jerry Fuller's web site provides links to suggested reading and other music pages. Strings

  • Jim Bottorff's Banjo Page
    Songs to play along with using your Banjo, along with "TIPS ON LEARNING TO PLAY THE BANJO" and "TIPS ON PLAYING ALONG WITH THE SONGS."

  • Lute Home Page
    Wayne Cripps' Lute page with Links to information about Lutes.

  • Mandolin Cafe
    This site has links to Archives, Lessons, Instructors, and more, about the Mandolin.

  • Martin Guitar
    Web site of C.E. Martin & Co., makers of Martin Guitar.

  • MusicMax
    Featuring the finest Harp music from Celtic, Jewish, and Classical traditions. Has Harp Almanac, Music Book, Recordings, and more.

  • Olympic Musical Instruments
    The only workshop in North America dedicated exclusively to building hurdy-gurdies.

  • Ouds
    Information about Ouds, including Brief History, Basic Fingering, and Choosing an Oud.

  • Scales, Arpeggios and Special Effects
    22Khz, Mono, 8-bit Sound samples of the Cello.

  • String Players
    Online violin and viola lessons using video-conferencing.

  • The Anatomy of the Cello
    Find out what the parts of the cello are called, and what they look like.

  • The Balalaika
    Information about the balalaika, one of the most popular of the Central Asian lutes.

  • THE BERIMBAU; Heart of Capoeira
    Information about the Berimbau, with some personal observations.

  • The Flamenco Guitar Home Page
    The Flamenco Guitar Home Page has Beginner's Resources, Flamenco Guitar Transcriptions, Midi selections, and more.

  • The Harp Mall
    The website with the most complete internet access to the harp world.

  • The Harp Mall - The Complete Mall
    Currently the Complete Mall has over 300 listings. These include all external links except for the CD Gallery, eBay, Festivals, Master Classes & Workshops, Summer Music Camps & Schools and Teachers.

  • The Official Hammered Dulcimer Page
    Dulcimer information about Buying, Learning, Music (sheet music, recordings, resources, etc.), and more.

  • The Saxon Lyre
    History, Construction, and Playing Techniques.

  • The Strings
    This site has a brief description of the Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass.

  • The Violoncello
    The History of the Violoncello.

  • Trad@Harp
    Links to Harp Schools, Festivals, Harp Organisations, Magazine, Harpers, and more.

  • Tunes and Songs
    22Khz, Mono, 8-bit Musical Excerts of popular songs on the cello to listen and practice.

  • Violin Making Home Page
    Welcome to the Violin Making home page. Among the things you will find here are: The works of Hans Johannsson, violin maker, including samples of sound and pictures of his instruments, a sequential description of the construction of a violin from A-Z.

  • Wm. Rees Instruments
    Makers of custom Harps, the site's extensive Harp Resources section includes troubleshooting for harps, called "911 Harp", harp care information, called "Harp Care Hints", and all kinds of general harp information for beginning and experienced harpers alike.

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