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The following links are in English

  • A Child's FairyTale Party
    Specializing in childrens Celebrations Personalized Storytelling Characters, Costumes, Photo Props and Photo sessions, Porcelein china table settings, Unique face painting, Party in a Box

  • Bern's Fairy-Tales
    Illustrated Fairy.Tales.

  • Diana Crow's SmileyTickles?Storytelling
    Visit smileytickles.com to learn how Storyteller- Artist Diana Crow brings her whimsical facepaint characters alive in original tales that show children how to CARE, SHARE, and PLAY FAIR. Discover Fun Activities at Children's Pages.

  • Dodoland
    A fun place for kids 4-14 to experience the art, and learn about the environment. Enjoy the Giant Flower Island, Night Bubble, Dragon Ship and Castle.

  • Linda King Pruitt, Storyteller
    Linda King Pruitt brings excitment, enchantment and education to storytelling. Interactive, curriculum rich programs offered, and educator workshops.

  • Storyteller John Weaver
    Storyteller John Weaver, a parent & early childhood educator based in the SF Bay Area, gives lively, humor-filled performances to capture the attention of people of ALL ages.

  • Activated Storytellers
    Activated Storytellers is the national touring division of L'Eau Theque Productions a non-profit corporation.

  • Adventures of Banph
    The Adventures of Banph are the tales of an unlucky ant knight's endeavors to defend his kingdom against enemies of the carpenter empire. Dogged by Cedrich, the cricket minstrel who insists upon recording the ant's deeds in song, Banph encounters such foes as red slavers, barbaric beetles, and marauding locust.

  • Bill Howard: Storyteller
    Bill Howard is a traditional storyteller and folk singer in Southern California. He presents programs for all ages.

  • Bubble Dome
    Bubble Dome is an interactive childrens story website that helps develop childrens imagination and lateral thinking skills. Intelligent fun!

  • California Indian Storytelling Association
    The California Indian Storytelling Association includes goals of the organization, upcoming events, membership information, and a newsletter.

  • Dallas Storytelling Guild
    The Dallas Storytelling Guild celebrates the art, craft, and traditions of storytelling and works to keep the oral tradition alive through educational and public programs.

  • David Joe Miller, Storyteller
    I conduct narrative writing workshops using story. My target audiences are 3rd-5th grades (some 2nd grades too)

  • Don Doyle - Storyteller
    Nationally recognized storyteller and actor from Mesa, Arizona. Concerts and workshops for adults and children, stories of ancient mythology, legends of the people of the Southwest, folktales of many world cultures.

  • Happy Feet Stories
    An original concept in audio books for children, Happy Feet Stories are both entertaining and educational.

  • Illinois Storytelling
    Illinois Storytelling Festival - The largest storytelling festival in the midwest.

  • Jonesborough Storytellers Guild
    We provide Real Audio, True Speech and wave files. There should be a format to suit, and a story for all! Come for some good family entertainment and for the love of storytelling! Come - visit - listen.

  • Karadi Tales
    Karadi Tales, an exciting experience in storytelling, fables from the rich cultures of India and South Asia.

  • Lanes.org
    League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling

  • Miami Storytellers Guild
    The Miami Storytellers Guild - Is a not for profit organization that promotes and supports the age-old tradition of storytelling. Our membership consists of people who enjoy telling stories -- within the family, as part of their job, or professionally.

  • Mountain Musings
    Mountain Musings is a website dedicated to telling stories from the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky, stories for kids and a program for preschoolers called Teddy Tales

  • Red Boots for Christmas
    Online childrens Christmas story. Read along with the electronic storybook or view pictures of the characters.

  • Simply Storytelling
    At this site, award-winning storyteller Naomi Leithold offers a place for kids to submit stories. All kinds of story starter ideas will get the creative juices flowing. Naomi posts as many stories as she can -- see what other kids are writing.

  • Southern Order of Storytellers
    The Southern Order of Storytellers is a regional group of storytellers and story listeners, based in Atlanta, with a commitment to promote the timeless values and universal bond of story.

  • Stories for the Seasons
    This site is dedicated to offering seasonal nature stories together with an extensive bibliography for any storyteller, teacher, or general reader who is seeking stories and legends about animals, plants, and the land itself.

  • Story Arts Online
    Educational Web site, designed for teachers, librarians, and students,explores the use of storytelling in the classroom to enhance speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

  • Story Book Road
    This web site is intended to be used with your little one on your lap. We want to entertain them, (you'll have to read of course) but it is meant to be an online book, not a game. We want the interaction to be between you and your child, not between your child and the computer.

  • Storynet
    The website for the National Storytelling Network offers information on the organization, a storyteller's directory, a worldwide calendar of events, NSN storytelling conference information, resources, and links for everyone interested in the art of storytelling.

  • Storyteller.net
    Online stories; "Playground" has games, puzzles, story starters, collective stories; storytellers audio online; resources

  • StoryTellers of the American Frontier
    Programs for youth and Familys that emphasise the character and integrity of African, Native and Mexican Americans.

  • Storytellers School of Toronto
    The Storytellers School of Toronto is a registered, non-profit charitable organization that supports creative work in the art of storytelling.

  • StoryTellerZ Domain
    StoryTellerZ Domain is a living, growing resource for readers, writers, seekers, and to the oral tradition of storytelling which forms the very root of all we know as human civilization.

  • Storytelling Association of Alta California
    The Storytelling Association of Alta California (SAAC) aims to be a regional voice for story listeners and storytellers in California, to remind the local and national community of the power and the joy of storytelling.

  • Tales from the Story Bag
    "Professional Storyteller since 1980: schools, libraries, festivals, etc. Editor of Story Bag; A National Storytelling Newsletter Author of Storytelling Professionally; the Nuts and Bolts of a Working Performer.

  • The Kids Storytelling Club
    Welcome to The Kids' Storytelling Club Come on in and browse around. Get some new ideas for stories to tell, storytelling crafts to make, and club activities.

  • The Story Connection
    Dianne de Las Casas, professional storyteller, designed the site as a resource website for storytellers, educators, librarians, parents, and kids. Storytelling activities, a library of information and resources, and an extensive list of links is included.

  • The Story Tent
    Welcome to The Story Tent. To a world of the imagination inhabited by giants and kings, tricksters and wise animals. Traditional folk stories, myths and literary tales are told in The Story Tent using puppets and mime, mask and song to present story in many different ways and provide an educational resource to encourage an active encounter with story and confidence in the telling of story. Working in schools in the United Kingdom, Belgium and The Netherlands The Story Tent provides support for English language literacy and oracy.

  • The SunnieBunnieZZ
    The SunnieBunnieZZ are tale telling bunnies who promote the fine art of story telling through poetry, puppetry, clowning, magic, holiday celebrations and educational puzzles and activities.

  • Tom McCabe - Storyteller
    Parent's Choice Award Winner and Kennedy Center Millennium Artist, Tom has toured from St. John's, Newfoundland to the Gold Rush Country of California; from a one room Irish school house to the White house itself, delighting more than a million listeners, young and old, with his colorful array of family stories traditional tales and original pieces.

  • Treasure Island Webime Story
    Treasure Island Webtime Storie plays AutoMagically with the ShockWave plug-in. Check it Out.

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