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  • ADD - ADHD InfoPlus
    Our comprehensive website has the newest methods available to improve attention and focus. Find everything you need to know and learn about the tools available to help you, including nutritional, behavioral, pharmaceutical and educational methods.

  • ADDitude Magazine
    The Happy, Healthy Lifestyle Magazine for People With ADD, with articles by Ellen Kingsley, Bob Seay, and more.

  • ADDresource.info
    Search engine and directory dedicated exclusively to Attention Deficit Disorders and Learning Disabilities.

  • ADD to C3 Kids
    ADD to C3 Kids is a fast, natural, healthy program for ADD. It offers a balanced program of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements designed to safely manage your child's ADD/ADHD. Now available for teens and adults too.

  • ADHD: A Place to Start
    Information on ADHD/ADD and other neurological disorders and how to get support for a disabled child in school via IDEA and Section 504 federal laws.

  • Our Kids Are Special
    A Family site helping Parents and Caregivers of Special Needs Children.

  • Porcupinekids.com
    Behavioral Counseling and Consulting for ADHD, PDD & LD children and their families.

  • Better Behavior Wheel
    Are the kids out of control? With the Better Behavior Wheel you get an upbeat, fun, and totally unique tool for managing child behavior ...that actually works. If you have kids, you NEED the Wheel!

  • Positive Parenting Products
    Parenting site providing information and easy-to-use hands on tools for child behavior, discipline techniques, ADD, potty training, self esteem, motivation, rewards, Special Needs and more.

  • GummyLump Wooden Toys
    Only unique, educational, developmental wooden toys. Large assortment. Lifetime Guarantee. ABC and building blocks to pretend play kitchens, puppet theaters and workbenches. Wooden, Peg, Knob, Jigsaw puzzles to lacing toys. Special needs, infants, toddler, preschool, kindergarten a speciality. Classic toys. Excellent learning and teaching tools for babies. Lights, Camera interaction (LCI) Melissa and Doug Lines, TC Timber, Uncle Goose, Jack Rabbit Toys, Guidecraft, Haba. Architectural Blocks as well as Alphabet blocks

    Over 400 specially selected ADD/ADHD related tools to help meet the emotional,social, and learning needs of ADD/ADHD and other special needs children.ADD/ADHD Screening available at low fees

  • ADD ADHD Information Library
    We have great information on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder organized into 10 easy lessons. Take the time to go through all ten of the lessons. Once you do, you will know a great deal about ADD ADHD - and how to overcome it.

  • ADD/ADHD Information Library
    All of our A.D.D.:101 information is here for parents. Over 80 pages of text on A.D.D. / A.D.H.D.

  • ADD/ADHD Resources
    ADHD Resource List Comprehensive list of online ADHD resources for teachers, parents, children: Web links and discussion groups.

  • ADD/ADHD - Symptoms and Treatments
    Understarnding Attention Deficit ADD/ADHD

  • ADD/ADHD Toronto
    This site is a resource for adolescents, adults, and the parents of children with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D.). The resources listed here are for your information only.

  • ADD/ADHD Treatment
    The Institutes has over forty years experience helping parents take their ADD/ADHD children down the path to wellness. Without medication, children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have been able to perform at peer level-and above.

  • ADD and School
    Few role-model schools exist for students with attention deficit.

  • Adda-Sr.org
    Attention Deficit Disorders Association Southern Region ADD/ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder Information

  • ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder
    A clear overview of the often perplexing learning disorder known as attention deficit disorder by a person with ADD who has children with ADD. Includes a number of links to other learning disability sites

  • ADD Clinic
    The goal of this Internet Site is to present comprehnesive, detailed and current information to the medical and lay community about... Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD),Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)and Tourette Syndrome (TS).

  • ADD Coach Academy
    ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) announces the availability of complete in-depth training for coaches specializing in working with those who have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

  • ADD Coaching
    The idea of hiring a coach to improve one's performance in the worlds of work, athletics or the arts is certainly not new. But what about hiring a coach to help your overall performance and ability to live a balanced and fulfilling life? The field of Personal and Professional coaching aims to do just that.

  • ADD Contact
    The objective of this website is to try to promote awareness to ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and associated disorders; also to provide information and as much practical help as we can to sufferers, and their families, or anyone who comes into contact with them.

  • ADDHelpline
    A site dedicated to providing information and support to all parents, regardless of their choice of treatment, belief or approach toward ADD/ADHD.

  • Additude Mag
    The Happy, Healthy Lifestyle Magazine for People With ADD, with articles by Ellen Kingsley, Bob Seay, and more.

  • ADD Kid's Area Site
    Explaining ADD to a child with this site.

  • ADD News for Christian Families.
    Welcome to the ADD News For Christian Families home page. ADD News was the first publication written by Christians for Christians, and devoted entirely to Attention Deficit Disorder and related topics.

  • ADD on AOL
    Jim Salvas and this is his attention deficit disorder home page. He is an America Online (AOL) member and a chat facilitator in our Attention Deficit Disorder Forum.

  • ADD-Research moves fast, but there's no Cure Yet
    The search for answers.Researchers say recent findings will lay the foundation for better treatment, prevention and, eventually, cure.

  • ADDvance
    Resource for women and girls with ADD,ADHD,AD/HD, Attention Deficit disorders, features articles, seminars,workshops support groups, a magazine and bookstore, authors Kathleen Nadeau and Patricia Quinn.

  • ADDvisor
    ADDvisorTM is your link to trustworthy, reliable information about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

    Do you think that you or your child has ADD with or without Learning Disabilities? If the answer is yes, this webpage is for you. This site contains "The ADDept Curriculum and Socially Addept: A Manual for Parents which instructs parents on how to teach their children social skills".

  • ADHD Central
    Information on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, home schooling, computers in-the-classroom, and related educational issues is presented.

  • ADHD Ezine
    The ADHD and ADD ezine , incorporating the ADD Gazette is undoubtedly one of the best sources of information teachers, health professionals, parents and adult ADHD people will find on the internet.

  • ADHD Gene Traced
    Researchers close in on the genetics of Attention Deficit Disorder.

  • ADHD Living Guide
    The ADHD Living Guide provides information and tips for kids and teens with ADHD. There are worksheets and games as well as other interactive features that can be helpful for those who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

  • ADHD News
    Filled with timely and valuable articles about medication, parent coaching, school, legal issues concerning special education and more!

  • ADHD Online Community
    ADHD.com offers information and support on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

  • ADHD Outreach
    ADHD Outreach is a group of concerned and informed adults, dedicated to helping parents, educators and professionals find practical and nutritional solutions for issues regarding ADHD behavior.

  • ADHD Support Company
    ADHDSupportCompany.com. Shire US Inc. has teamed up with parents, teachers, physicians, and experts around the nation to bring a host of resources right to your fingertips.

  • Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities
    Our Mission is to support, care for and enable people with developmental disabilities to meet the challenge of living and learning in society with dignity and independence.

  • Anxiety Disorders Association of America
    ADAA promotes the prevention and cure of anxiety disorders and works to improve the lives of all people who suffer from them.

  • Assessment of Attention Deficit Disorders: A Team Approach
    The primary characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD) are not difficult to spot in a classroom. However, not all children who are inattentive, impulsive, or overactive have ADD. These same symptoms can be a result of other factors such as: frustration with difficult schoolwork, lack of motivation, emotional concerns, or other medical conditions. A comprehensive assessment by a team of professionals working in conjunction with the parents and the child can usually determine whether problems are the result of ADD or other factors.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
    Manage the difficult behavior of children with Attention Deficit Disorder! Now, from renowned experts, here is real help for teachers and parents of ADD/ADHD kids.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
    Common Questions, Quick Answers What is AD/HD? What causes AD/HD? Who can get AD/HD? Do children with AD/HD have other disorders? What are the signs of AD/HD? How is AD/HD diagnosed? How is AD/HD treated? What can parents and teachers do to help? When should I call the doctor?

  • Attention deficit disorder and your insurance
    Major insurers tend to give pediatricians, primary care physicians, and psychiatrists latitude in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Coverage benefits and limits vary among companies, and even within a company's plans, based on state regulations and employer negotiations.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder Links
    Welcome to our Attention Deficit Disorder Links Project Directory.

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    One of the most common childhood-onset conditions is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, also abbreviated as ADD or AD/HD).

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-Described
    What Is Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?(ADHD) is indeed a legitimate psychologic condition but its definition has not been fully pinned down.

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-Kidsource.com
    . Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) refers to the approximately 1 in every 20 (3-5%) of school-age children who have significant difficulty with attention. Although the specific cause of ADHD is still unknown, research has indicated the possibility of a genetic or other prenatal cause.

  • Attention Deficit Information Network
    The Attention Deficit Information Network, Inc. is a non profit volunteer organization. We offer support and information to families of children with ADD, adults with ADD and professionals through a network of AD-IN chapters.

  • Attention Deficit & Oppositional Defiant Disorders
    Psychologists, in the past, have claimed that 65% of males and 35% of females suffer from A.D.D. or O.D.D. in one form or another. In the last few months these figures have changed dramatically to 80% of the male population and 20% of the female population can suffer from these disorders.

  • Attention Deficits: A Developmental Approach
    A sensible, multidisciplinary, developmental approach treats underlying causes rather than the symptoms which are secondary.

  • Attention Deficit Symptoms
    What is ADHD? The fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association, lists these conditions

  • Behavioral Disorders: Focus on Change
    From ERIC DIGEST:Students who are referred to as having "conduct disorders" and students who are referred to as having "emotional disabilities," "behavioral disorders," "serious emotional disturbances," or "emotional and behavioral disorders" have two common elements that are instructionally relevant: (1) they demonstrate behavior that is noticeably different from that expected in school or the community and (2) they are in need of remediation.

  • Behavior Management Ideas
    Information for parents of ADHD kids. .

  • Behavior Management Ideas
    Reference Guide for help with Common ADD Behaviors.

  • Bipolar Disorder
    The information presented on this site is intended to provide information and support to the families, friends and loved ones of those who suffer from bipolar disorder.

  • Born to Explore
    Welcome to a non-commercial site devoted entirely to exploring positive and alternative views of attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) in children and adults.

  • Born To Explore-Teaching ADD Children
    My purpose for this page is to introduce my readers to these alternatives and to provide resources for additional information.

    Any child may show inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, or hyperactivity at times, but the child with ADHD shows these symptoms and behaviors more frequently and severely than other children of the same age or developmental level. ADHD occurs in 3-5% of school age children. ADHD must begin before the age of seven and it can continue into adulthood. ADHD runs in families with about 25% of biological parents also having this medical condition.

  • Cigarette Smoking Causes Child Learning Disabilities - Attention Deficit and Behavior Disorders
    New evidence that cigarette smoking during pregnancy can cause attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior disorders and lower math and reading scores in children.

  • Clinical Practtice Guidelines for ADD
    Diagnosis and Evaluation of the Child With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder-AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS

  • DDA-UK
    Provides Workshops and Co-ordinates Training in Great Britain, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

  • DHADOC.com
    DHADOC.com, a Web site providing up-to-date information on the importance of omega-3 fatty acids, specifically DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid), in nutrition for infants, children and adults.

  • Diagnosis: incomplete-Prescriptions
    Day Two of the Cape Cod Series on Attention Deficit Disorder.When it comes to attention deficit, the relationship between two professions - medicine and education - is seriously strained on Cape Cod.

  • Disciplining a Child with ADHD
    Tips on disciplining a child with ADD and ADHD. Learn the difference between non-compliant behavior and ADD behavior!

  • Disorder Differences
    ADD, ODD, Bipolar? Learn the disorder differences...

  • Dr. Stephen Rothenberg's Page
    Dr. Rothenberg offers resources regarding ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Social Skills.

  • Educating Parents of Extra-special Children
    Welcome to our site for Educating Parents of Extra-special Children. EPEC was founded to provide a resource of information for parents with special needs children.

  • EEG Biofeedback, or EEG Neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD
    In this form of treatment the subject learns to pay attention to his own brain activity, and then apparently learns to change and control his brain wave activity. The subject is given immediate feedback on just what his brain's activity is like at any given moment through the use of high speed computers which provide both auditory and visual feedback.

  • Effective Parenting
    Professional parenting advice from James Windell on children with behavior problems and ADD/ADHD.

  • eHow to Find the Latest Research on Attention Deficit Disorder
    Your child is diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). What is it? What can you do to help your child succeed in school? What are your rights as a parent? Lots of research on how to deal with and overcome ADD and ADHD exists. Now, how do you find it?

  • eHow to Help a Child With Attention Deficit Disorder Organize Schoolwork
    Children with attention deficits have problems attending to tasks, especially tasks involved with school. Teaching your child how to keep school materials and work organized can lead to important organizational strategies that will last a lifetime.

  • eHow to Help a Child With Attention Deficit Disorder Without Using Drugs
    Children being diagnosed with attention deficits has reached epidemic proportions. Some experts in the field recommend changing your child's diet and making some lifestyle changes before trying a drug that can help, but not cure the problem.

  • Eight Principles to Guide ADHD Children
    Over my 17 years of clinical experience, I have found it very useful to distill eight general principles that serve as touchstones in the daily behavior management of ADHD children.

  • Fact Sheet on ADHD
    AD/HD Fact Sheet-What is AD? How common is AD/HD? What are the signs of AD/HD? How Do You Know if a Child Has AD/HD? What About Treatment? Tips for parents -Tips for teachers-What about school? Organizations listed.

  • Feingold Association of the United States (FAUS)
    They are dedicated to increasing awareness of the connection between diet and the symptoms of ADD, ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

  • Genetics and Family Studies Group
    Research into the genetics of ADHD, Schizophrenia and other Mental Illness

  • Georgia Psychoeducational Network
    The mission of the Georgia Psychoeducational Network is to provide comprehensive, community-based services to students with severe emotional and behavioral disorders and students with autism.

  • Happy Kids-A Behavior Managment Program
    Addresses virtually every behavior. Children with ADHD, ODD and other special needs respond exceptionally well.

  • Health Behaviour In School Age Children
    HBSC is a cross-national research study conducted in collaboration with the WHO Regional Office for Europe. We are a multi-disciplinary network of researchers from a growing number of European countries, Canada and the US, looking at the health, health behaviours, lifestyles and their context of young people.

  • Helping You Learn How To Learn
    Learning strategies for children with ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

  • hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments
    Supporting and creating awareness for people with hidden impairments also know as invisible disabilities. Trying to demonstrate skills that people have, not just moaning about difficulties. Many drawings by Chris 13 years old with AD/HD. Draws occasional cartoons for national disability newspaper in UK.

  • How to Help A Child with ADD
    'Father of ADHD' says new research focuses on self-control

  • Internet Mental Health
    Internet Mental Health is a free encyclopedia of mental health information created by a Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Phillip Long.

  • Kids' ADHD Care Gets a Wake-up Call
    Are drugs like Ritalin the answer for students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? A new study suggests that a careful combination of monitored stimulant use and behavioral training can help both kids and adults pay better attention and control impulses in the classroom and beyond.

  • Kidsource-ADD/ADHD
    A guide for parents with ADD and ADHD.

  • LD/ADD Pride Online
    The Island Adult Development Association is a registered non-profit association located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

  • Learning Disabilities Assessment-ADD and LD
    A Brief Explanation of the Learning Disabilities Assessment Process, suggested Questions to Ask and how to find a special education professional who can help.

  • Learning Disabilities Information & Education Center
    General Information about ADD/ADHD & Learning Disabilities

  • Mental Images in ADHD
    In men who had ADHD, PET scans showed that they processed a memory task in visual areas in the occipital lobe of the brain, as indicated by the yellow spots in the left image. Non-ADHD men used the temporal and frontal lobes, shown at right

  • MindPrime
    MindPrime provides a reading comprehension program designed to help individuals understand and remember more of what they read.

  • Mood Disorders
    In order to understand what someone means when they refer to particular mood disorders and the various subtypes, it is important to understand the cornerstorne of those diagnoses, and those cornerstones are particular mood states or episodes. For each of the major episodes and/or disorders below, descriptions and diagnostic criteria are provided on this site.

  • National Attention Deficit Disorder Association
    This is an organization built around the needs of adults and young adults with ADD and ADHD.

  • National Center for Learning Disabilities
    National Center for Learning Disabilities - Dyslexia special education ADD ADHD

  • New Attention-Deficit Disorder Guidelines
    The American Academy of Pediatrics issued guidelines for the diagnosis of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder today, its first-ever for a disruptive behavioral problem that affects an estimated 2.5 million schoolchildren.

  • Not all Attention Deficits Are Alike
    Summary:Though the terms ADD and ADHD are often used interchangeably - most people mean ADHD when they say ADD - the differences between the two are significant.

  • One ADD Place
    A virtual neighborhood consolidating in ONE PLACE information and resources relating to Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.), AD/HD and Learning Disorders (LD).

  • Positively ADD
    A Web site created by the parents who reject the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder of their son. They home-school him, and include links to other sites supporting alternative education for ADD kids.

  • Problems in Identification and Assessment of ADHD
    Paper by Steven M. Nordby-This paper examines the DSM-IV criteria and review recent research and recommendations regarding the identification and assessment of ADHD which may be useful to educators.

  • Reaching the Child with ADD
    E nough with the theories!I need some HELP!!! Ten Steps towards Improving Your Relationship With Your Child.

  • Reading, Writing and Ritalin
    Day One of an Award Winning Series in the Cape Cod Times. Attention deficit/hyperactivity is a medical condition, the leading psychiatric disgnosis in American children.

  • Resolved: Mania Is Mistaken for ADHD in Prepubertal Children
    This debate between Dr. Joe Biederman at Harvard and Drs. Klein, et al., was in the October, 1998, issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and is posted here by permission of the Academy.

  • School and ADD-For Kids
    Kids with ADD are just as smart as any other kids. So then why do many kids with ADD have trouble in school?

  • Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities
    Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, Inc. serves parents and children with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning disabiliities.

  • Taming the Triad
    An Educational Site About Attention Deficit Disorders-This site is about Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in children and adults and is designed to be informational

  • The A.D.D Treatment and Research Center
    The A.D.D. Treatment and Research Center provides services for adults and children. All services are directly provided or supervised by licensed professionals. Located in Texas but has information on the website for all.

  • The Block Center for ADD
    The Block Center's Four-Day ADHD Program Four-Day Comprehensive ADHD Outpatient Protocol Involving Physician, Parent, and Patient .

  • The Tomatis Method
    A method that builds strong listening skills through auditory stimulation, to improve learning and language abilities, communication, creativity, and social behavior. Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD) ,Autism ,Depressive Tendancies ,Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia .

  • Treating ADD Naturally
    Using neurofeedback in a comprehensive program, we've helped many patients who no longed have symptoms of ADD. That runs contrary to physicians who use drugs to suppress the disorder.

  • What Are the General Guidelines for Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
    Both psychostimulant drugs and behavioral therapy are available and proving to be effective for treating many children with ADHD. At this time, there are five steps in the management of a child with ADHD:

  • What is ADD/ADHD All About?
    ADD is a diagnosis from a doctor. It stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. When deciding if a person has ADD, the doctor looks to see if the person has certain behaviors most of the time.

  • Why Do So Many Smart Children With ADD Fail In Schools?
    A Web site that challenges the current practices and policies for educating kids with Attention Deficit Disorder, and offers a number of alternative methods.

  • World of Gorf - Electronic ADD/ADHD Resource
    This website was designed to empower parents, family members, educators, counselors, health care professionals and most importantly, A.D.D./A.D.H.D. children, adolescents and adults.

  • Your ADD/ADHD Child
    What is ADD and ADHD? Essentially, both of these are labels that describe symptoms. In fact, a list of symptoms is used to identify such children. A child receives a label based on prolonged occurrences of eight or more, out of a possible fourteen, symptoms before the age of seven. These symptoms have been identified as described in this article.

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