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  • Benifits of Gardening for Metally handicapped
    I've been asked by a local care provider to research the benefits of gardening for their charges. The majority of cases handled by this company are mentally handicapped (sorry if this isn't the pc term) people who live in their own homes. The majority of these homes are rentals but as the state is paying for the rent the landlords are really generous in allowing the renters to do what ever they want. So I need some resources that discuss the benefits of gardening for the mentally ?challenged? If I can show positive results there are tentative plans for setting up and maintaining residential garden plots for the clients. I think this is a great service and hope I can pull it off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • GummyLump Wooden Toys
    Only unique, educational, developmental wooden toys. Large assortment. Lifetime Guarantee. ABC and building blocks to pretend play kitchens, puppet theaters and workbenches. Wooden, Peg, Knob, Jigsaw puzzles to lacing toys. Special needs, infants, toddler, preschool, kindergarten a speciality. Classic toys. Excellent learning and teaching tools for babies. Lights, Camera interaction (LCI) Melissa and Doug Lines, TC Timber, Uncle Goose, Jack Rabbit Toys, Guidecraft, Haba. Architectural Blocks as well as Alphabet blocks

  • The Special Needs Store
    Our goal: Making the lives of parents, therapists, and educators of kids with special needs and developmental delays easier by enabling them to find a wide variety of products and services in one location.

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  • Special Needs summer camp
    Camp Ramapo provides a safe, predictable and highly structured environment which fosters the development of positive social and learning skills. Camper live in rustic bunks with a average of six campers in each group. A particular strength of Ramapo is its one-to-one staff-to-child ratio. The atmosphere is warm and supportive; all activities are carefully supervised; and the grounds are attractive and well cared for.

The following links are in English

  • Abilitations
    Abilitations is the industries leading children's therapy and special needs catalog with product mix including movement, special education, sensory integration, adapted play and more.

  • Ability OnLine
    Ability OnLine is a friendly and safe computer friendship network where children and youth with disabilities or chronic illnesses connect to each other as well as to their friends, family members, caregivers and supporters.

  • Ability Online Support Network
    Putting children and adolescents with specialized needs in touch with the world!"

  • Adaptive and Assistive Technology @ RehabTool.com
    Leading edge assistive and adaptive technology products and services for children with disabilities. Free product search and referrals to help you find assistive solutions for your needs. Augmentative communication devices, speech software, computer access equipment, and various cognitive rehabilitation aids.

  • A.D.D. Consults
    A.D.D. Consults offers psychoeducational services to individuals, families and professionals via private e-mail. For those who live in areas where information on Attention Deficit Disorder may be scarce.

  • Alternate Family Care
    provide effective and innovative community-based mental health and educational services to children with severe emotional and behavioral impairments and their families, in a variety of family and residential placement settings.

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
    Diagnosis and treatment of autism and other pervasive developmental disorders.

  • Bev's Special Education Place and Bookstore
    An extensive site for information and links for many aspects of special education and specific disorders. Includes a book store.

  • Bridging the Gap between you and you child with special needs
    Play Therapist and Speical Needs Consultant. We specialise in play and imagination, behavioural intervention and sensory integration issues for children with special needs.

  • Brushing Therapy for Sensory Integration
    Brushing Technique Home Program -Great for Children with Sensory Integration problems.We also suggest a good brushing technique before and after the sensory diet. The brushing technique will allow the natural endorpins to kick in and relax the individual. For this technique you will need a dry surgical scrub brush. If you are unsure where to obtain one, go to your local hospital emergany room. Tell them you are doing a brushing technique for your child with autism spectrum disorder ask them if they can give you a couple, one for home and one to send to school. Most generally they will give a few to you free.

  • Center For Special Services
    A publishing, distributing & warehousing facility dedicated solely to the promotion of products created by, for and about special children.

  • Children's Disability List of Lists
    The reknowned annotated list of children's disability discussion lists.

  • Children's Organ Transplant Association
    COTA's primary mission is to ensure that no U.S. citizen is ever denied a life-saving transplant or access to a transplant waiting list, due solely to the lack of funds. Our secondary focus is to promote organ donations and to provide public education on all aspects of the organ donation process.

  • Circle of Friends
    A Circle of Friends or Support is a group of people who agree to meet on a regular basis to help a person with a disability accomplish certain personal visions or goals. The focus person is unable to reach these goals working alone. So, he or she asks a number of people to work with him/her to overcome obstacles and to open doors to new opportunities. The circle members provide support to the focus person and they take action on her/his behalf

  • Comeunity-Children's Disabilities and Special Needs
    Articles, resources and online support for parents of children with disabilities and special needs.

  • Comfort Connection
    The Comfort Connection Family Resource Center serves families of children birth to 36 months, born at risk or with disabilities, and is funded through the California Early Start Program.

  • Common Problems for Students with Learning Disabilities
    Common Language, Reading and Hand Writing and Spelling Problems for Students with Learning Disabilities.

  • Deadly Restraint Series from the Hartford Courant.
    The death of 11-year-old Andrew McClain in a Connecticut psychiatric hospital in March prompted a team of Hartford Courant reporters and researchers to investigate the use of restraints and seclusion.

    Without the assistance and encouragement of the National Association for Child Development, James's life and ours would have been very different.

  • Dictionary For Parents Of Disabled Children
    Dictionary: For Parents of Children with Disabilities includes terminology used within the fields of: Testing/Evaluation, Early Intervention, Special Education and Related Services, Medical and Therapeutic Services, Family Supports and Resources, Vocational Training, Independent Living, Guardianship, and Insurance. (special needs)

  • Doto Learn
    ... a web site for those with special learning needs. why? Life can be challenging, especially for those who see the world in a different way. This site provides information and special learning tools for anyone having difficulty understanding, ordering and functioning in our world. We have planned our activities to help children and adults with diagnosed disorders such as autism, LD or ADD. These activities may also benefit anyone learning basic language and daily living skills, including young children. (special needs)

  • Dysgraphia
    The word "dysgraphia" simply means difficulty expressing thoughts in writing. In other words, it just means "writing difficulty". And generally it is used to refer to extremely poor handwriting. As with dyslexia, confusion often arises when we start dealing with the term "dysgraphia" as it relates to "special education services".

  • Dyslexia
    Here we take an in-depth look at dyslexia, a learning disability that is associated with reading difficulty.

  • Early Childhood Information Clearinghouse
    This site provides information about young children, birth to age three, including links to Idaho programs and worldwide information, current practice and research, and child development information.

  • Early Intervention
    Community Therapies offers an early intervention program and provides speech and occupational therapy.

  • Early Intervention Glossary of Terms
    These definitions are simplified for easier understanding and use. Different professionals, agencies, school districts and educators may use these words in somewhat different ways. You should always feel free to ask for definitions of words being used to describe your child or your child's communication, learning or social relating developmental delay or disorder.

  • eHow to Find Support for an Autistic Child
    By law, your autistic child must be given the education necessary to optimize his or her potential. In addition, many respite centers are staffed with professionals who can help your autistic child in a nonclassroom setting.

  • Elwyn, Inc.-Children's Services
    Elwyn's Children's Services offers many educational and therapeutic options to families and children with a variety of challenges, including physical and developmental disabilities, mental illness and emotional disturbances.

  • Everybody's Special
    Working with Exceptional Children-Children with physical, emotional or developmental disabilities often require more specialized, individualized attention than other children. Yet it is vital for parents and teachers to focus on these children's abilities while realistically dealing with their disabilities.

  • Exceptional Parent Magazine
    Welcome to EParent.com: Exceptional Parent Magazine's online resource. Continuing 30 award winning years of providing information, support, ideas, encouragement and outreach for parents and families of children with disabilities and the professionals who work with them.

  • Family Village
    Welcome to the Family Village! We are a global community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with cognitive and other disabilities, for their families, and for those that provide them services and support.

  • Forgotten_kids
    Forgotten_kids: the children that have nearly invisible disabilities.. They have their arms and legs, can see and hear, run, play, etc., but most have never been to a Birthday party or a sleepover..

  • Gan Harmony
    Mercaz Harmony... improves the quality of life by integrating people with disabilities, from birth through adulthood, into their communities.

  • General Information About Dyslexia
    , Orton Dyslexia Society Pamphlet, Orton Dyslexia Society - This short article gives general information about the reading disorder known as Dyslexia. It gives a detailed list of the characteristics that is useful to anyone who wants to know more about dyslexia

  • Gentle Teaching
    Gentle Teaching is a non violent approach for helping people with special needs and sometimes challenging behaviors that focusses on four primary goals of care-giving.

    Gifted and disabled children have something in common. All of these children need special kinds of teaching and care.

  • How does Dolphin Therapy help Special Needs Children?
    Dolphin therapy started in the early 70's by Dr Betsy Smith in Florida Keys, USA. She started interacting with dolphins and young people suffering from autism who have extremely limited attention span which will restrict their learning potential. Dr Betsy Smith found that interacting with dolphins can lead to consistent increases in attention span during and after each child dolphin encounter. From the Alexander Trust.

  • Infant and Early Childhood Conference
    This annual educational conference for parents and professionals is planned for May 1 - 3, 2002 in Bellevue, Washington. Parent and childcare worker scholarships are available. The focus is on young children, ages birth to eight, who are developmentally delayed, developmentally disabled and/or have a chronic health care need. Registration opens in late February 2002 and will be available online. Please contact us at 360.867.0944 or by email if you would like additional information.

  • Integrated Play Groups
    Welcome to Pamela Wolfberg's Web site on Integrated Play Groups and associated services for children with autistic spectrum disorders and related social-communicative needs. This Web site is intended for parents, practitioners, researchers and others seeking to understand and help children experiencing difficulties in peer socialization and play.

  • Intenet Resources for Special Kids
    Welcome to the Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC) web site. The IRSC web site is dedicated to communicating information relating to the needs of children with disABILITIES and special needs on a global basis.

  • Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC)
    Welcome to the Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC) web site. The IRSC web site is dedicated to communicating information relating to the needs of children with disABILITIES on a global basis.

  • Keys for Inclusion
    This Web site is designed for the administrators of state agencies responsible for services to young children and their families, including child care, Head Start, education, and early intervention. We have compiled information for administrators who are challenged with developing policies that lead to inclusive comprehensive and coordinated services for all young children, ages birth to 8 years, and their families.

  • Kid Ability
    Our mission is to provide all children, with priority attention to disabled and special kids, readily accessible and affordable resources and tools to help them attain their maximum level of personal achievement, and to enjoy the highest quality of life experience possible.

  • Kids Needs
    Find professional opinions on important topics, learn about public health policy and advocacy efforts, link to programs, services and connect with other caring families and friends, and purchase a wide range of products specifically tailored for children with special needs in one simple to shop place.

  • Low Function Autisum Book
    This is a unique book for parents of children with low functioning autism and other severe developmental disabilities. Written by a mother of a low functioning autistic young man, this book discusses toileting, dressing, and speech. it is a book parents will easily relate to.

  • Music Therapy For Special Children
    Music therapy is the structured use of music experiences to facilitate positive changes in human behaviour.

  • National Portage Association UK
    Portage is a home-visiting service for pre-school children who have special needs. It is based on the common-sense principle that parents are the key figures in the care and development of their child.

  • Naz's Special Needs Tips
    The tips on the following pages have been compiled because of a demand by parents and caregivers of children with special needs for inexpensive alternatives to daily living aids and ideas. Click on the category of your choice or just browse through all the suggestions.

  • Our Kids Website -Special Needs
    The Our-Kids Web site supports the Our-Kids Email list. Our-Kids is a "Family" of parents, caregivers and others who are working with children with physical and/or mental disabilities and delays.

  • Parenting By Parents
    Support and Resources for Parents of Premature Babies as well as those of Children with Special Needs and Terminal Illness.

  • Ph.D.Dissertation, "Microdevelopment in Autism: The Power of Play", M. MacAlpine, 1998.
    In the first part of this experiment, 18 moderate to severely autistic children participated over a mean of 8 months (range 5-15) in individual play sessions for 1 hour per week. Parents were trained to facilitate their child's attempts to explore and gain information from their environment. Intervention was directed by the first author for 12 children in the U.S. while parents directed the intervention for 6 children in Italy. Parents were active participants in both groups.

  • Program of Volunteers for Floor Time
    This is a handbook to you organize a system of volunteers to do Floor Time with your child. Floor Time is a strategy to assist children develop emotionally so that they will simultaneously grow cognitively, verbally and socially. For most children who have specific needs there is a need to have 6 to 8 floor times sessions of thirty minutes or more a day. This is a very time intensive and energy sapping experience for adults to do on a daily basis. For this reason, it is not expected that parents would be the only floor timers in the life of their child.

  • Raising Special Needs Kids
    Resources,info and support.

  • Recommended Books-Special Needs Issues
    Great list of books to read on various issues and subjects regarding special needs.

  • Retarded Isn't Stupid, Mom! Revised Edition
    In a fast-paced, engaging story, mother Sandra Kaufman frankly reveals the feelings of denial, guilt, frustration, and eventual acceptance that result in a determination to help her child live an independent life.

  • Ride To Walk
    Ride To Walk (RTW) is a therapeutic horseback riding program whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for neurologically challenged children and young adults.

  • Sensory Integration and Gentle Teaching
    As a therapeutical tool Sensory Integration is very important to Gentle Teaching. When we want to teach a person to feel safe, engaged, loved and loving, the tools we have are our hands, our mouth, out look and our presence. All stimuli we give with these tools, we have to give in a integrated way and focussed on our goals for the person.

  • Shadow Buddies
    A Resource Guide to Educate Children about Disabilities, Illnesses, and Medical Challenges.

  • Sibling Resources-Special Needs
    A listing of various media pertaining to sibling issues: books for young readers, books for adults, newsletters, videos, and movies.

  • Sibling Support Site
    The Sibling Support Project is a national program dedicated to the interests of brothers and sisters of people with special health and developmental needs. The project is based at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

  • Some Floor Time Basics
    Floor Time: A warm and intimate way of relating to a child. A floor time philosophy means engaging, respecting and getting in tune with the child in order to help the child elaborate through gestures, words, and pretend play what is on the child's mind. As a technique, floor time is a five-step process that is used to support the emotional and social development of the child. For autism and related developmental disorders.

  • Special Care Mom
    On this page we'll present information and resources for helping those you care for.

  • Special Child
    Special Child, an online magazine dedicated to parents of children with special needs.

  • Special Educational Needs
    Special Educational Needs, for the purposes of this website, is deemed to refer to that group of learning difficulties most likely to be encountered by teachers of children in mainstream schools; it is outside the compass of this site to deal with difficulties which require education in a Special School.

  • Special Needs and Special Gifts
    I hope my experience will benefit others on their journey with their children. The tips at this site are not meant to take the place of legal advice, but rather to serve as a way for parents to build an excellent foundation to use as needed in the future, and to hopefully avoid litigation.

  • State and Local Resources-Children with Disabilities
    Learn about agencies, organizations, programs, and other information in your area by State, Territory or Federally Recognized Indian Tribe.

  • The Autism National Committee Position on Restraints
    The Autism National Committee condemns the widespread and excessive use of mechanical and physical restraints in restricting the civil and human rights of people with disabilities. We believe that the use of restraints is a failure in treatment.

  • The Bipolar Child
    The Bipolar Child: The Definitive and Reassuring Guide to Childhood's Most Misunderstood Disorder.

  • The Journal of Early Intervention
    This is an official publication of the International Division for Early Childhood (DEC) of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

  • "The Misunderstood, Misdiagnosed and Unseen Disability"
    Sensory Integration Dysfunction-This paper will explain sensory integration dysfunction to the point of understanding the nature of this unseen (and often misdiagnosed) disability, as well as its psychological, emotional, learning and social effects on the individual.

  • World Federation of the Deaf
    The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) is an international, non-governmental, central organization of national associations of the deaf.

    Yale Child Study Center-Developmental Disabilities Clinic & Research Home Page.

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