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  • Aerogami Paper Airplanes
    Paper airplane designs with tips on folding and flying them.

  • Alex's Paper Airplanes
    For those of you interested in building paper airplanes for science fairs this is some advice and ideas for you. Learn what paper airplanes to use, what tests to run on these paper airplanes, how to make paper airplanes and more.

  • Artie the Airplane
    The adventures of Artie the Airplane and his friends book and video series provides today's concerned parents with what they expect most from genuinely first-rate children's entertainment: stories that capture the imagination, broaden the mind, and, most importantly, build strong character.

  • Bernoulli Plane
    Paper (copier or computer printer paper works best), some 1/2" or 3/4" cellophane tape, and a paper clip. (make a copy of the "Bernoulli Plane" template so you can make several and experiment with different ways of making it fly)

  • Best Paper Airplane in the World
    During the summer of 1950, on the outskirts of Harrisburg Pennsylvania U.S.A., my sister's boyfriend "Skip" was sitting on the glider on the front porch of our house. He said to me - "Hey Mike... bring me a sheet of paper." I answered why? and he responded with his make believe impatience "Just bring it!" I obeyed and he said that he was going to build the best paper airplane in the world. I was eight years old at the time and my meager knowledge of paper airplanes was the traditional flying wedge that spiraled into tight loops and fell head first to the ground.

  • BestPaperAirplanes.com
    BestPaperAirplanes.com features original folded paper airplanes that you'll find nowhere else. These are paper aircraft made by folding paper in the style of Japanese origami yet they all fly. Some are complex, some basic, all are fun. As you are folding each plane, remember that a simple dashed line is a "valley fold" (the paper goes down in the middle) and a dashed-and-dotted line is a "mountain fold" (the paper goes up in the middle). Now start folding!

  • Building the Egret
    Building the Egret - Single paper airplane from the book 'Best Ever Paper Airplanes' by Norman Schmidt used with permission of Sterling Publishing Co

  • Jline Paper Airplanes
    A good source of original paper airplane designs.

  • Joseph Palmer's Paper Airplanes
    Step by step instructions for creating simple, high performance paper airplanes.

  • mcshane's planes
    An index of 6 unique paper aeroplanes, some with high performance levels, with folding instructions which require a degree of skill to follow.

  • Paper Aeroplanes
    Free original paper airplanes with illustrated instructions. Also featuring design tips for paper airplanes, evaluations, etc..

  • Paper Airplane Educational Resources
    I started giving paper airplane presentations as a way to teach kids (and adults) about the basics of flight, and I think it has worked well. I think education should be hands-on and fun, and paper airplanes accomplish both. What I didn't expect were the other lessons learned from paper airplanes. The process of following directions teaches an imprtant skill in itself, and rewards patience and persistance. Paper airplanes also provides a launching point for other topics of sciece (fluids, flight in nature, statics and dynamics, ...), history of flight, flight physiology, ...

  • Paper Airplanes
    I've learned that practically everyone that has ever made a paper airplane has a unique design for the BEST paper airplane in the WHOLE world. Today I feature two different paper airplanes that claim the title of "Best," and one that has actually won the Guinness Book of World Records title for time aloft. I called my son over to the computer to look at the plans for building the record-breaking airplane. His response? "That plane set a world's record? My plane is better than that one!"

  • Paper Airplanes
    Paper Airplanes Quick and Simple.

  • Paper Airplanes Theme Page
    This Page has links to resources related to the study of Paper Airplanes.

  • Paper Airplane Web Sites
    Information on paper airplane safety, tips on making and flying paper airplanes, and a step by step guide to building planes.

  • Paper Projects
    This is my collection of hundreds of links to free projects that can be printed, colored, cutout, pasted, folded, and played with. You will find many projects that would work in wonderfully with educational units.

  • Pyros's Pages - Paper Airplanes
    A site filled with simple instructions on how to make many favorite paper airplanes.

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