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  • Alliance for Technology Access (special needs)
    A nationwide network of community-based centers. Provides information and support services to children with disabilities, relative to the use of computer and assistive technology. Call the national office for information on a center in your area.

  • Arkansas Special Needs
    Rules and Regulations Governing Special Education and Related Services in the state of Arkansas.

  • California Special Education Rights & Responsibilities
    SPECIAL EDUCATION RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Information on Basic Rights and Responsibilities.

  • Ch. 766-Children with Special Needs Attending Private Schools
    It is important for parents and local administrators to ensure that students with special needs in private schools continue to receive essential services, pursuant to the requirements of Massachusetts state law.

  • Colorado Special Education Services
    SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW: Dispute Resolution RIGHTS for Students with Disabilities and their Parents.

  • Connecticut: Report on Special Education and Pupil Services
    An overview of special education in the state of Connecticut with an emphasis on legislative mandates and litigation.

  • Delaware State Dept of Ed Programs for Exceptional Children
    The Mission of the Exceptional Children Group, in collaboration with other DOE units, is to provide the leadership to ensure that Delaware delivers an effective system of education for exceptional children that is in full compliance with Federal and State laws.

  • Hawaii Department of Education- Special Education Section
    Our mission is to provide appropriate educational programs and services which will enable our students with special needs to become self-sufficient to the extent their needs permit; to realize their potential; to attain self-worth and personal dignity; and to become participating members of their families and society.

  • Idaho Special Education Laws, Rules
    Welcome to the Bureau of Special Education Services. In order to enable all students to achieve high academic standards and quality of life, the Bureau of Special Education will work collaboratively with districts, agencies, and parents to ensure students will receive quality, meaningful, and needed services.

  • Indiana Department of Education, Division of Special Education
    The Division of Special Education, Indiana Department of Education, administers the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, P.L. 101-476) which applies to students with disabilities, ages 3 through 21, in Indiana. Included in this Act are students with autism, deaf-blindness, deafness, hearing impairments, mental impairments, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairments, other health impairments, emotional handicaps, learning disabilities, communication disorders, traumatic brain injury, and visual impairments.

  • Indiana Education Law Website
    'This is your one-stop shopping for legal research in education-related matters. Administrative and judicial decision affecting publicly funded education in Indiana are included at this site, with analysis by IDOE's attorneys.

  • Kansas Special Education Laws and Regulations
    Index of laws and regulations pertaining to special education in Kansas.

  • Kansas Special Education Regulations

  • Kentucky: Office of Special Instructional Services
    Local District Services conducts the monitoring of local school districts and various other agencies and programs that provide special education and related services, investigates complaints, assigns due process hearing officers, mediation, and generally addresses inquiries about special education due process.

  • Louisiana: Department of Education, Division of Special Populations
    This site has lots of information about educational regulations and programs as they apply to Louisiana's special needs students.

  • Maine Special Education Regulations
    Maine law (20-A M.R.S.A. Chapters 301 and 303) entitles all school-age students with disabilities to an equal educational opportunity / free appropriate public education.

  • Maryland Division of Special Education
    This site can direct you to numerous resources in the state of Maryland for legal/regulatory information about special needs.

  • Massachusetts Association of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (MASSPAC)
    The Massachusetts Association of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (MASSPAC), formerly known as PAC COALITION, is a growing grass roots organization for Special Education Parent Advisory Councils, parents and supporters across the Commonwealth. One goal is to link up with each town and city in Massachusetts and create a network of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (PACS) that work in concert to better advocate for our children who have special needs and learning disabilities.

  • Massachusetts Special Education Laws
    The MA Law covering children with Special Needs right from the book.

  • Mass Special Education Law Page
    The following laws and regulations apply either to particular aspects of special education, or other groups of students, but may also apply to certain special needs students.

  • Minnesota Special Education Rules
    Lots of information here about Minnesota special needs regulations, etc..

  • Missouri: State Plan for Special Education
    Missouri state laws and regulations - special needs education.

  • Montana Division of Special Education
    The Division of Special Education has responsibility for assuring that children with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. Division staff provide training, technical assistance and monitor special education services provided by public schools and state-operated programs.

  • Nebraska Special Education Rules (51, 53 and 54)
    Nebraska Special Education: Rules/Regulations/Legal Issues

  • Nevada: Special Education Rights of Parents & Children
    A guide to services (as mandated by law)for Nevada special needs students.

  • New Hampshire: Bureau of Special Education
    Federal statutes and State standards require that students with educational disabilities receive a free appropriate public education (F.A.P.E.) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). The Bureau of Special Education is responsible for the oversight and implementation of educational programs for New Hampshire students with disabilities.

  • New Jersey Education Law & Policy
    This is a broad and far-reaching section, but within it you will find pertinent special needs regulations for the state of New Jersey.

  • New Mexico Special Education Regulations
    The requirements of these rules are binding on each public agency that has direct or delegated authority to provide special education and related services in New Mexico regardless of whether that agency is receiving funds under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Each public agency in New Mexico is responsible for insuring that the rights and protections under these rules are given to children referred to or placed in private schools and facilities by that public agency.

  • North Carolina Legislative Report
    Search this page for legislation related to special needs within North Carolina.

  • North Dakota Department of Public Instruction/Special Education
    North Dakota rules and regulations with a special section devoted to Disabilities Ages Three Through Five.

  • Oklahoma Special Education Policies and Procedures
    This is a draft of the Policies and Procedures for Special Education in Oklahoma submitted on May 3, 2000, to the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) for its initial compliance review.

  • Oregon Office of Special Education
    The OSE is responsible to ensure that students with disabilities and those who are talented and gifted benefit from an enhanced education system - the Oregon Advantage...including the draft state plan for special education.

  • RESNA Technical Assistance Project (special needs)
    The Technical Assistance Project was funded to provide assistance to the AT Act Grantees to assist them reduce barriers and increase access to assistive technology (AT) devices and services for consumers with disabilities of all ages.

  • Special Education in Plain Language-Wisconsin
    Special Education in Plain Language Interactive, web-based version of an award winning resource that actually explains special education in language for regular people.

  • Tennessee: Special Education Regulations
    Tennessee special-ed rules, regulations, information.

  • Texas - Family Law
    A good overview of Texas state laws that apply to family, marriage and divorce.

    On June 4, 1997, President Clinton signed Public Law 105-17, the most comprehensive change to special education since PL 94-142 in 1975. The reauthorization battle is over. It is time to get to the business of implementing this paradigm for special education. In this article, we will summarize major changes in IDEA 97. In addition, we will describe the Utah strategy for implementing this new law.


  • Washington State - Inclusive Learning Environments
    In an inclusive school setting, students with disabilities are provided specially designed instruction in their least restrictive environment (LRE). LRE varies according to the individual needs and goals of each student. In order to determine the LRE, federal laws require that the individualized educational program (IEP) committee first develop the individual goals for the student, then determine how and where the student's goals can be met.

  • Wisconsin Policies on Special Education
    This links you to Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction's web site, where you can read or download all the policies our districts are required to be following.

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