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KinderStart Press Releases

Ragdoll Ltd, creators of the award-winning preschool program Teletubbies, is sponsoring the sixth annual Get Up and Go! Teletubbies National Day of Exercise. Taking place on May 17, 2006, the day will be marked by a special broadcast of Go! Exercise with the Teletubbies on PBS KIDS (check your local listings) as well as events hosted by local PBS member stations across the country. The Get Up and Go! program is designed to drive awareness among teachers, parents and caregivers about the importance of physical movement and the joy of active participation for young children.

ďAt a time when the country is engaged in public discussion around childhood obesity and parentís growing concerns about adolescent inactivity are on the rise, Ragdollís Get Up and Go! Teletubbies National Day of Exercise is continuing a tradition of building confidence and self-esteem in young children through participatory physical activity,Ē comments Lori Heiss, director of marketing, Ragdoll. The Get Up and Go! live events and broadcast episode will be engaging musical movement experiences for toddlers and young children, and are designed to provide children with an entertaining workout with enough time to unwind afterwards.Ē

Since the first Teletubbies National Day of Exercise in March 2000, local PBS member stations have planned events each year around the PBS KIDS broadcast of Go! Exercise with the Teletubbies, a special movement-based episode featuring the Teletubbies engaging in simple exercises designed to encourage children to join in with the on-screen characters. To support the stationís efforts, and to give them the tools they need to execute successful events, Ragdoll has created a website (www.getupandgo.tv) where they can find information about Teletubbies, event guidelines and materials including kidsí fitness and safety tips, activity and coloring sheets and downloadable keepsake Get Up and Go! certificates for the young participants.

This year, Ragdoll will be partnering with two kid-focused organizations on this energetic initiative in an effort to reach as many children as possible. Online search engine Kinderstart.com (www.kinderstart.com), the largest indexed directory and search engine focused on children zero to seven on the internet, and KaBOOM! (www.kaboom.org), a national non-profit organization that endeavors to bring playspaces to within walking distance of every child in America. Both organizationsí websites will be featured on the getupandgo.tv site, and their own sites will feature Get Up and Go! related information, activity sheets and links to the getupandgo.tv site, as well as the Teletubbies site at www.pbskids.org/teletubbies, where they can find additional movement-based activities for children.

For more information contact Lori Heiss, Ragdoll Ltd at lorih@ragdoll.co.uk

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